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GDPR - Declaration Data Management Compliance Link

Privacy Statement

The undersigned,

Company name:  PlusTvNews Service Limited Company

Headquarters:  1068 Budapest, Városligeti fasor 10. 1st floor 24/25

Company registration number:  01 09 943657  

Tax number:  22789730-2-42

Representative:  Managing Director György Ferenc Both

Phone number:  06-1-445-2164

Email address:  ferencboth@videoportre.hu

Website:  www.videoportre.hu

(hereinafter: PlusTvNews Kft.) make the following legally binding declaration to the partners contracted with our company (hereinafter: Partner):



  1. We declare and declare that our Company awww.videoportre.huand has a contractual relationship with users who use its websites and platforms as customers in accordance with the provisions of the relevant Privacy Notice. Our company has a contractual relationship with the Customers based on a unique contract.

  2. Our company manages the personal data of clients and customers as a data controller. If a person other than PlusTvNews Kft. is considered to be a data controller for the given data management purpose, their identity will be disclosed together with the given data management purpose.

  3. We also declare and declare that this data management is carried out in accordance with the relevant data management rules contained in our Company's General Terms and Conditions and Data Management Regulations and Information Sheet, as well as the laws in force at all times, thus with particular regard to the European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679 . No. on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free flow of such data (GDPR), CLIX of 2012 on internet commerce services, which regulates our Company's activities. to the provisions of the Act, CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commercial services and services related to the information society. to the special provisions of the Act.

  4. We declare that we fully comply with the legal provisions contained in point 2 of this statement during both data management and possible data processing activities, and we require this from all our current - contracted - and future contracted - Partners.

  5. We declare that PlusTvNews Kft. will do everything possible — before the start of data management — in order to ensure the right to information to all concerned, in order to have clear and detailed information about the management of their personal data, or everything related to data management about their rights and available remedies. In the course of this endeavor, we want to make the entire process of data processing traceable and controllable for everyone.

  6. In the course of data management, PlusTvNews Kft. strives for the priority protection of personal data, ensuring the right of informational self-determination to those concerned. In order to ensure this intention, we provide adequate protection to the collected personal data in accordance with the legal provisions contained in point 2 of this statement. The protection of personal data also includes physical data protection, which protects it from destruction, unauthorized change, viewing, use or transmission.

  7. We also declare that in the course of all our activities, we only use partners who meet the requirements required or imposed by the data protection legislation in force at all times.


Budapest, 07.01.2023


PlusTvNews Kft.

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