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March 12, 2020 - Benczúr Palace

10 Year Anniversary Reception

100 of us celebrated together when the initial restrictions of Covid 19 were introduced. Of course, everyone started the evening with hand disinfection, we also avoided shaking hands. We complied with the maximum number of people for events permitted by regulation, even though many more people indicated their intention to participate. Unfortunately, we could not receive them.

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Host of the evening: Pál Szalóczy

Kazinczy award-winning radio and TV announcer, journalist, reporter, Hungarian Radio and MTV icon.


They gave an opening speech

Prof. Dr. Norbert Kroó- Prima Primissima, Lánchíd, Willis E. Lamb, Charles Hard Townes prize winner, internationally renowned Hungarian research physicist awarded with the Order of Merit of the Order of the Finnish Lion, general secretary of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for 6 years between 1999-2005, then for 6 years between 2005-2011 the vice-president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, currently the president of the Hungarian Council of the European Movement, founded in The Hague in 1948, whose first president was József Antall in 1990.

Dr. József Czeglédi, CSc- worked for government tourism organizations in a number of management functions, including as president of the National Tourism Office, between 1987-2002 he was a member of the Board of the World Organization of Scientific Experts in Tourism for 15 years representing Central and Eastern Europe. In 1993, he received the Presidential Memorial Medal No. 56 for his armed participation in the revolution, and is currently the founding president of the Central European Club Pannonia Non-profit Association

Emil Tonk-  named university associate professor, invited speaker of many higher education institutions, marketing specialist selected as one of the world's top 20 business speakers, founding executive vice-president of the Hungarian Marketing Association, contributor to more than 10,000 lectures and trainings, 30 years of business life one of his most sought-after speakers, he helped many businessmen to success.​​ The head of the Business Academy, he received the Mentor Oscar award in 2013, and is regarded as a marketing guru by the profession.

The specialty of the evening

The third public appearance of Ferenc Erkel's authentic "Hymnus".

Ákos Somogyváry- conductor, the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Erkel Ferenc Society and the Choir Association, the KÓTA Advisory Board, the great-grandson of Ferenc Erkel, who shared his thoughts on the birth of "Hymnus" and gave us an insight into the world of the original musical work. Following the speech, we screened the original anthem recording that was pre-played on the Day of Hungarian Culture on January 22, 2020, creating truly sublime moments among those present. Our gathering could be the honored host of the thirtieth open play. The previous day's program of M5 "This is the question" - Ferenc Erkel's original Anthem can be viewed here MTV 5.  The recording of the authentic Erkel Hymn from Vigadó performed by the Orchestra of the Budapest Philharmonic Society and the Choir of the Hungarian State Opera can be viewed below.

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