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Closed online community movie system

We started filming in 2010. The result of our work is the world's largest portrait film series, as well as the world's largest career film collection.Our history.

Why we make films and who we are:link to our introductory material obsession.pdf 


  • our films are privately available online

  • riportalanyaink can optionally be used

  • our platform is ad-free

  • for all devices optimized playback

  • We archive movies separately in HD quality


Our created media platform can be of great help to everyone in terms of personal and business contacts, as you can get an accurate and authentic picture of the individuals featured in the films. Also a valuable historical document,which shows the Hungarians' continuous will to do and renewal for the present and posterity.​

Our film dramaturgy encompasses the entire lives of our subjects, summarizing their careers from their parents' house to the present. Motivations come to the fore, and we present the stages of life in light of this. Our main motif is the tree starting from its roots, as a symbol of life. We present both successes and difficulties, the point is to portray the sense of mission. At the end of the film, family or hobbies are also discussed.Our film samples.

Many biographies have been created so far in the form of books, but none of them have been as permanent as the world of digital media, which also gives a complete picture of the given individual, and the recordings are preserved for the present and posterity without loss of quality. 

We present people whose sense of vocation, personality and will are examples of value in the present. To our closed system by invitation can be entered.

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