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Today, Storytelling has become a key concept in management sciences and marketing.


Our films are based on storytelling.



The power of storytelling in marketing communication 


It is considered one of the "rediscovered" modern tools of marketing communication. Many companies use storytelling as an effective means of presenting their company, company history, founder's thoughts and personality, and products. The stories speak to us, affect our emotions, and thus information about the company and products can be communicated more convincingly. Consumers become more "touched" by the stories told to them, and are therefore more likely to bond with the given organization.



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Dr. JUDIT MÁTYÁS - University of Pécs, Faculty of Economics, assistant professor, linguist (PhD), marketing (MBA)  CV

We thank the author for making his study available to us.

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Storytelling - The power of storytelling

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Stories form the basis of effective communication in business as well. Whether we're giving a presentation at a conference, presenting our idea to investors, or addressing our customers - we can convince our audience primarily not with data sets, but with authentic and emotional stories.


In his latest book, renowned expert on storytelling, Carmine Gallo provides help for this through the example of fifty excellent storytellers, including Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Sheryl Sandberg and Oprah Winfrey. We can learn the basic principles and techniques of storytelling from the inspiring speakers, and we will also receive practical tips to become better storytellers. As a communication coach, Carmine Gallo helps top managers of highly successful companies learn sophisticated storytelling techniques. Its clients include Cisco, Coca-Cola, Intel, Microsoft and Walmart. A sought-after speaker and popular publicist, he is the founder of Gallo Communications Group. He is the author of several bestsellers, including The TED Talks, Steve Jobs Master of Presentation, and Steve Jobs Master of Innovation. He lives in Pleasanton, California with his wife, Vanessa Gallo, and their two daughters.

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