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Presentation by Tonk Emil 
September 10, 2020 Thursday 10:00
Duration:  90 minutes
Registration closed
Gross: HUF 6,000
(HUF 4,724 + VAT)
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Presentation topic

  • What does professionalism mean - especially in today's world

  • Loyal behavior, good preparation

  • How to be good in our own field is competence

  • The competencies

  • How to do things successfully

  • Effective cooperation

  • How to build trust in ourselves and others

  • The masterstrokes of building trust

  • About competitors

  • How to be the best alternative

  • The nature of conflicts and their management

  • The positive way of thinking

Tonk Emil 

  • In 2010, he was selected as one of the World's 20 Best Business Speakers and Trainers

  • He has been the recipient of the Mentor Oscar award since 2013

  • He holds trainings and seminars in many countries

  • The owner of countless awards and recognitions

  • The head of the Business Academy, a profession, refers to him as a marketing guru

  • He is one of the founders of the Hungarian Marketing Association, then executive vice president for 29 years, and a permanent board member

  • Titled university associate professor, his field of expertise is personal forms of business communication

  • He provides marketing strategy, organizational development, organizational strategy, and consulting for countless businesses

  • Invited lecturer for many higher education institutions teaching business and economic skills 

  • He is a regular speaker at conferences and professional events

  • Contributor to nearly 10,000 lectures and trainings

  • With hundreds of performances a year, it is at the top of the Top-list

  • He is the author of the series of 7 books for business people called "Business Pharmacy".

  • His audio material, consisting of more than 70 CDs, is about business life

  • He is a frequent interview subject of the "Business Process" TV program a "During the Day" (MR 1 ) and the Economic Radio radio programs

  • He is the patron of numerous economic and business clubs, magazines and events

  • In business, "Dr. It is mentioned as "How".

  • Other adjectives about him: "food for the mind", "positive thinking that walks on two legs", "man-builder", "forge of success"

  • His style, approach and unique presentation are unparalleled

  • For 30 years, he has been one of the most sought-after business speakers in Hungary

Mottos:  "A smart person learns from his own experience, makes a career from the experience of others." "Whoever thinks that acquiring knowledge is expensive and regrets the time spent on it, does he count with the costs of ignorance?"

Registration closed
Gross: HUF 6,000
(HUF 4,724 + VAT)
bank card payment or transfer
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