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Hungary Video Gallery ®

The world's largest career film collection, a Hungarian spiritual relic

We create lasting value!

portrait film

hours of footage

terabyte archive

years of filming

online platform

We started filming 13 years ago, our results so far are more than 15,000 Hungarian portrait films

  • Our mission: filming and presenting successful Hungarian careers in a private online system

  • Our goal: the creation of the National Video Portrait Gallery, the larger volume of shootings nationwide and beyond the border

Tradition, Culture and Innovation

  • All of our films are celebrity- and politics-free, az real human and professional faces are presented

  • Our subjects tell stories and summarize their lives from their parents' house to the moment of filming

  • Our portrait film collection is the largest contemporary historical document that presents the Hungarian cultural and spiritual tradition, human will to do and success

  • We conduct our shootings in private, through recommendations, our subjects consider it an honor to appear, in many cases they are also happy to come to the shooting from the Hungarian-inhabited areas of the surrounding countries.

  • We are the only one in the world to have created our homogenous online movie collection representing many professions and professions, covering the entire nation

  • Our collection contains portraits of many well-known people, many of whom are unfortunately no longer with us

  • The largest collection of Oral History in the Hungarian nation, all our subjects lived through the regime change of 1989, and in many cases the previous historical eras as well

Passing on values, setting an example for future generations 

  • Our online system, with a possible state involvement, would make it possible to shape the future vision of Hungarian youth within and outside the country by getting to know our scientists, artists, athletes, successful entrepreneurs, etc. through our films. his true human history, his lived sense of Hungarianness, and his aspirations,   traditions

  • Presentation of role models can also be of great help when choosing a career

  • As an archive, the Hungarian Video Portrait Gallery is also worthy of presenting future generations and tracing different eras.

  • We would like to make the previously private film collection available to all Hungarians, using the system after registration

  • We are the opposite of video social media that are open and rarely show values in many cases

Production data

  • Hungary Video Gallery ®:Protected by  trademark

  • Unique know-how: after filming, the subject can watch the finished film on site 

  • 100% owner of production, trademark, know-how and copyright: Ferenc Both

  • Nationality of rights holder: Hungarian

  • Other owner or encumbrance over the collection: none

  • Revenues to date: derived from usage rights optionally transferred to reporting entities

  • Legal declaration consenting to participation: available from all our reporting subjects - in writing and by participation

  • Year of filming: from 2010 to the present day

  • Category: documentary film

  • Number of movies: 15,167 in HD quality

  • Existence of recordings film raw material: yes

  • Maximum shooting per day so far: 24 films

  • Maximum number of staff so far: 42 people

  • Presentation at the beginning of the film: by the iconic voice of Pál Szalóczy

  • List of actors: https://www.videoportre.com/filmjeink

  • Sample films, 10 pcs: https://www.videoportre.com/mintafilmek

  • Offline HD movies storage size: 116 Terabyte

  • Online access to watermarked SD movies with a password: https://www.videoportre.com/belepes

  • Live broadcast: https://live.videoportre.com

  • Information website: https://www.videoportre.com

  • Website languages: Hungarian, English, German,French, Romanian

  • Other domain names: videoportre.hu, oralhistory.hu

  • Reviews: https://www.videoportre.com/velemenyek

  • Legal information: https://www.videoportre.com/jogiinformacio

  • The ideal value of the collection: priceless, calculated at the market production price, 15,000 HUF / minute, more than 5 billion HUF

Our subjects were:

Aján Tamás, Andrásfalvy Bertalan, Balázs Fecó, Balázs János, Balázsovits Lajos, Balogh László, Balogh Levente, Balzsay Károly, Baranyi Ferenc, Baráth Etele, Bálint András, Bánáti János, Bárándy György, Bárándy Péter, Beck György, Benedek Miklós, Benke László, Benkó Sándor, Benkő László, Békesi László, Blaskó Péter, Bod Péter Ákos, Bodnár András, Bogsch Erik, Böjte Csaba, Bőzsöny Ferenc, Buffó Rigó Sándor, Buzánszky Jenő, Csapó Gábor, Csákányi Eszter, Csepregi Éva, Csiszár Imre, Csonka András, Csókay András, Csukás István, Csurka László, Czeizel Endre, Dávid Ibolya, Dékány Sarolta, DJ Dominique, Dörner György, Duray Miklós, Egri János, Esterházy Antal, Esztergályos Cecília, Erőss Zsolt, Fellegi Ádám, Fábián László, Finta József, Font Sándor, Freund Tamás, Gerendai Károly, Gógl Árpád, Grétsy Lászlő, Grosics Gyula, Gryllus Dániel, Györgyi Kálmán, Gyulay Zsolt, Halász Judit, Hámori Ildikó, Horváth Charlie, Huszti Péter, Jordán Tamás, Kaáli Nagy Géza, Kamuti Jenő, Karda Beáta, Karinthy Márton, Kemény Dénes, Keveházi Gábor, Koltai Róbert, Komár László, Komlósi Ildikó, Konok Tamás, Koós János, Kopp Mária, Kovács Árpád, Kozma Imre, Kubik Anna, Kupa Mihály, Kútvölgyi Erzsébet, Láng Annamária, Lomnici Zoltán, Lovász László, Lukács Gyöngyi, Markó Béla, Maróth Miklós, Medveczky Ádám, Mikó István, Mocsai Lajos, Mucsi Zoltán, Nemcsák Károly, Németh Szilárd, Nógrádi György, Oberfrank Pál, Oszvald Marika, Palkovics László, Pálinkás József, Parragh László, Pataky Attila, Patrubány Miklós, Péterfalvi Attila, Popper György, Portisch Lajos, Ráday Mihály, Reviczky Gábor, Réthelyi Miklós, id. és ifj. Richter József, Rippel Ferenc és Viktor, Rost Andrea, Rubovszky András, Sallay András, Schmidt Mária, Schweitzer József, Sótonyi Péter, Straub Elek, Sugár András, Szabó Bence, Szacsvay László, Szakály György, Szakonyi Károly, Szalóczy Pál, Szász Jenő, Szécsi Zoltán, Székhelyi József, Szili Katalin, Szinetár Miklós, Szőcs Géza, Tahi Tóth László, Takács Ildikó, Tokody Ilona, Tonk Emil, Trócsányi László, Trokán Péter, Uhrik Dóra, Varga Miklós, Várszegi Asztrik, Vekerdy Tamás, Vizi E. Szilveszter.....  

and many others from the Carpathian Basin.  


2021 Hungarian Recorddegree

Expert opinion:

"The Archive edited by you is an important undertaking and also a mission, as it speaks to future generations in this age that focuses on the present.

The selected persons come from various sectors of Hungarian society, so the Archive covers almost the entire circle of culture in the broader sense, not only those who are successful in the fields of science and art, but also in the fields of economy and politics. These people are diverse, but they have one thing in common, and that is that they created value with their work and gained the respect of the community. The degree of personal success may vary, but portrait films show more than that; the messages of example in human stories and the personality. This Archive will become truly significant in fifty years, when historians will be looking for reliable information about the researched era or about a famous person. Narrated private history and historical experience survives in diaries, letters, and conversations.

On behalf of myself and all future researchers, I would like to thank your Editorial Board in advance for the work they are doing here and now!

It was an honor for me to be included in the Hungarian Video Hall of Fame with the portrait film you made. I would also like to thank them for their humane and professional attitude during the filming and the professionalism with which they created the film! 


Dr. Gabriella Gáspár - Associate Professor of the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts, University of Pécs, Department of Sociology,  Hungarian Golden Cross of Merit civilian section award holder"

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